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Ismail Hossain 

​Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Raka is not "just another real estate agent". The reviews that you see about him putting special care for all his clients are certainly true (at least it is for me). He genuinely went above and beyond to try and help us close our first house. As a first-time home buyer, he was very patient with us and helped enlighten us with ample knowledge to equip us with the right tools to be able to make a proper decision. He is very detail-oriented and his teachings will go a long way.
Raka's knowledge and expertise in the real estate field are definitely up there among the best and it was visible throughout our interactions. From planning to understanding requirements to scheduling viewings, all the way to the closing process, he carried out each and every step with utmost satisfaction and professionalism. In fact, even after our closing, he continues to stay in touch and provide us with support and info to ease our moving experience. Working with Raka has been a phenomenal experience and I would definitely go to him for any future real estate engagements!

Alejandro Avendano

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I was fortunate to find an agent like Raka, who guided me through buying my first house. He is professional and knowledgeable. He also stands up for being patient and approachable. Something that I appreciated was that I never felt under pressure for making a purchasing decision on a property.


Reg Cleghorn

Raka and his Priyanka were upfront and honest. They helped us prepare our rental property for sale. They were prompt in responding to any questions we had. They did a great job promoting and advertising our property. They are a wonderful team to work with.

Chintan Patel

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

It has been a pleasure working with RAKA PAUL REAL ESTATE TEAM. This review has been long overdue. I should have done this long ago.
However, working with Priyanka Paul again recently, I would like to share my experience from past and present for prospective buyers or sellers, or investors. I have had done significant research before contacting Raka Paul Real Estate Team. It made me realize that it is very confusing with tons of information you receive online. It is better to deal with someone professionally and take advantage of their skills and knowledge. Priyanka Paul helped us secure our first deal back in 2018. She was very responsive to all of our concerns being a first-time buyer. Not only did she address all of our concerns but helped us point out many other issues that we have to consider before buying properties. After buying our first property she provided guidance and advice on how we can work towards an investment property. Within two years in 2020, she helped us secure an investment property. We are happy with both our properties. Raka Paul and Priyanka Paul have been very instrumental in providing ongoing support to any queries we have. They have successfully secured a tenant for investment property with whom we are very pleased. I would definitely recommend Raka and Priyanka Paul Real Estate Team to anyone who is looking to either buy or sell the property. Priyanka Paul's follow-up emails and calls are always welcome and heartwarming to know that their relationship with their clients does not end with their deals.

A Dunlop

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My wife and I recently sold our home, and after interviewing several agents we chose the Raka and Priyanka Paul Real Estate team for our sale. We were so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of both Raka and Priyanka it made our decision-making easy. They both have gone above and beyond “just agents” to assist us in successfully selling our home in a timely manner. They were always there and readily available to answer any questions and to offer suggestions. I would highly recommend Raka and Priyanka for all of your real estate needs.

Basha Shaik

The first time, my friend introduced me to Raka Paul for his house purchase. It was an excellent service provided provide by Raka to my friend for his First-time house purchase. Now I have known Raka for the last 5 years and I have used his professional service multiple times for buying my own investment properties.
He put his customer interest FIRST, whether buying or selling. I am extremely satisfied with his level of knowledge, ability to perform multiple tasks with ease, and being able to provide good support throughout the transaction cycle. I have been recommending Raka Paul to my family and friends. Raka is the best 5-star agent to work with.

Harpreet Sethi

Amazing team! Raka helped our dream come true by helping us with our first home in Canada. He works with great precision and goes above and beyond the details you provide him. Since we were new he also recommended areas that were good and safe. We did not feel we were working with a real estate agent, he just dealt with us like a family member. Besides houses, he has also provided so many tips on cars, jobs, etc. Really thankful to him and Priyanka for being with us and helping us find a home here in Canada!
This real estate team just takes off the stress of in-house search and makes the entire experience very pleasant! Highly recommend him to everyone who is looking at making a new home in Canada! A BIG THANK YOU from our family!

carmi moses

We sold our house through Raka just over a year ago and he made our experience a very pleasant one. He is very patient, respectful, knowledgeable, and honest. He did extensive research and provided us with good information that helped us make the right decisions. We highly recommend Raka to anyone who is looking to make their next real estate deal.

Premjee Paul

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Raka helped us with our first home and made this complicated and stress full process a flawless one, especially though COVID-19 pandemic. He is very patient, knowable, and professional and he always puts the best interests of his clients as his paramount.
He has exceptional people skills and from our first meeting, he exactly knew what we are looking for and found us an amazing home within our budget. He never forced us to make any decision as he explained to us the pros and cons of every property we viewed.
He also gives advice and recommendations about other services related to purchasing a property which very helps full. (mortgage/legal/inspection/etc.)
I would strongly recommend Team Raka and Priyanka Paul as an agent for anyone who is looking for a worry-free experience of buying/selling a property.
An outstanding Agent, an amazing friend, and a wonderful human.

Preeti Lamba

My husband and I worked with Raka to purchase our first home in Richmond Hill in 2012 and really can’t say enough good things about him. Raka helped us find the right home in the right neighborhood for the right price. Raka was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the process. Raka’s focus was not solely on closing a deal, but his focus was about working with us, answering our questions, offering good advice, and finding homes that met our criteria and needs. We highly recommend him.

Mitchell Shu

I worked with Raka to purchase my first home and really cannot say enough good things about him. He is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient (he seems to understand the flip-flopping first-time buyers go through), and incredibly generous with his time.
For all first-time homebuyers.. we all go through a remarkably scary involved process when buying a home for our first time. There are plenty of real estate agents around us, but there is a difference between the one who sells and the one who sells and cares. I am happy to recommend Raka, especially to first-time homebuyers in need of some extra hand-holding.

Levi Satamker

To All of Raka Paul's potential future clients:
First off, you're really lucky, you've already found someone who is trustworthy, client-focused, and experienced. Raka knows his stuff and if he doesn't he won't pretend, he'll let you know and he'll work to get the answers you need. He has a team of industry-respected experts at his fingertips, so there are no surprises.
The year 2010
Raka was introduced and recommended by our family friend. Raka was an incredible asset with our home purchase. As a first-time homebuyer, he introduced us to the ways of the housing market, which really helped us acclimate to the buying environment. We came in with slightly unrealistic expectations regarding the type of home we could get for the money we wanted to spend, but he did not try to push our upper spending limit or belittle our hopes. Rather, he timely provided all the information we requested (which was a lot), and helped us digest it and reach our own conclusions.
Once we found the right house, Raka worked tremendously throughout the transaction. In the end, the most important point is that we bought the perfect house at a great price. Raka is a savvy realtor who handled our complex transactions in an intense environment with ease, and he should definitely be your realtor of choice.
The year 2017
For almost a decade we never lost contact with Raka. It was now the time for us to sell and move on. Again we approached Raka. The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on pre-listing renovations/staging, effective showings, and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity, and grace.
He made sure we were financially prepared to move. Great communication. Raka maintains a small list of active clients to assure personal service. When it came time to perform the transaction he held our hand through the whole process and we knew we had a pitbull of a negotiator on our side.
Raka's in-depth knowledge of the industry and market, along with his strong work ethic makes him an excellent real estate agent.
Sincerely, Levi Satamker and Amita Satamker

Vikas T

Raka has been my default go-to guy for all real estate needs for close to ten years now. He is extremely patient, respectful, thorough, and knowledgeable. Over the years since I know him, he has never pushed for a deal but instead has cautioned me against hidden pitfalls several times. A thorough professional. I would highly recommend Raka to anyone looking to have the best agent working for them. 5 stars!!

Samir Patti

Raka helped us find our condo. Raka's honest review of the properties and his advice were tremendous in our decision. It has been a couple of years since but he still keeps in touch. We hired him as a real estate agent and gained his friendship in return in addition to the perfect home.

Siddharth Jan

Raka is the most reliable and friendly real estate agent I have worked with and I have worked with a few in past 10 years. He is knowledgeable, understanding, patent, and works within budget. He has a good network of professionals that will help with everything including mortgage professionals, home inspectors, contractors, etc...I was immensely impressed and helped with his service during my closings. Five stars !!!

Gaurav Nischal

I have known Raka for many years. Raka assisted us in buying a Condo and finding the right tenant for the property. He is a very knowledgeable, understanding, and experienced professional realtor. We always consult Raka for any information related to his field. He always goes above and beyond to meet clients' expectations. I definitely recommend Raka with 5-star rating

Harpreet Chohan

Brilliant guy to work with. Not just a normal/usual realtor. He made his presence felt in the following ways:
1. Since we were not sure about our requirements, he was patient with us and helped us see all types of options which helped us get better thought to know what is best for us.
2. Explained to us the entire process since we were new to Canada. The step-by-step information helped us in awareness from a monetary perspective as well. His suggestions on fulfilling loan criteria were also really great.
3. After being patient with us and seeing many options, he was good to tell us the pros and cons of waiting and help us know the consequences.
4. Important point: Raka helped us with a good negotiating strategy keeping in mind our closing date.
5. He was with us till the very end of our closing date and ensured that every item of the home was in order and if there were any possibilities of an impact on the deal value.
6. There were multiple occasions where he went out of the way and helped us with tasks/activities which are not of a realtor but of a person helping us to make a property into a "Home"
Lastly, I can gladly say that I would really love to be in touch with him on a personal level for such a gem of a human he truly is.

Sahil Razdan

Raka was great! He was extremely helpful, caring, and persistent in finding us the right place. He would drive all around the GTA and sacrifice his personal time/events to show us places we wanted to see. He was amazing at being quick to book showings, and he gave us a lot of great advice along the way. His eye for detail and vision for how a space will look is nothing short of incredible. We now have a great new condo, in the heart of Toronto, and Raka was able to negotiate a great price for us. We would not have been able to do it without him.

Mb Mcare

Extremely professional, very detail-oriented and do their research & search very meticulously and with utmost dedication. Both Priyanka and Raka are an awesome team who work great together and separately as well very efficiently. They keep client interest on the top & get the best results really fast. No regrets ever in dealing with this team to find and get our dream homes every time. We bought our 3 dream houses through them and every time, we had a great experience and got amazing properties. Best team ever !!!

Zuri Chopra

My family and I are transplants from NYC and didn’t know whom to go turn to to find an apartment when we moved to Toronto a few months ago. Raka was recommended to us by our family who also bought their beautiful home through him. A few months ago he helped us find our rental in Toronto, which we absolutely loved. Throughout all these months he kept us in the know about the real estate market because he knew we wanted to invest in a home eventually. Then, when we were serious about buying a place he very intently listened and understood our needs and wants in a house/neighborhood/school and we very soon began what we imagined was going to be a daunting search for a house. In actuality, the very first day we were looking at homes was the day we found our home. He knew as I walked into the house that I would absolutely fall in love with it and that’s exactly what happened. Our eyes lit up as I imagined my kids and us living in this beautiful townhouse that Raka had picked for us. It was exactly what we needed and wanted. We made an offer a day later and in a short week, everything was approved. It was seamless. We are awaiting moving into our home soon and we have Raka and his impeccable professionalism and his ability to make us feel comfortable and like family for all of it!

Jacob Mazgaonkar

Raka Paul was introduced to me in the year 2007 when I was buying my first property in Canada. It has been an amazing journey with him since then. I have bought properties and Land with his help and he has gone over and above what a realtor needs to do to get me all the info I need before I invest. He is very professional and when it comes to his knowledge he will never tell you something he does not know. If there are things that he does not know he will make it his mission to know them and then Master them. His expertise came in very handy last year when there were major changes in the housing and mortgage rules in Ontario and we were selling our home during these tough market conditions.
Every time another property sold Raka would give me a proper analysis of why the client did not buy our home and he would follow up and we would make the necessary changes to make our property more attractive to the next buyer. In the end, we sold and we sold at a very good price.
Then we wanted to buy Land and again the amount of running around and the number of times I put pressure on him to buy something and he would come back to me with reasons not to buy ir. In the end, I understood that he would only let me buy the land that he thought would benefit my requirements and then I backed off and left it to this expert. In the end, again we now own a piece of land that has great potential and thanks to Raka. If you are in the market to buy sell or invest just chose Raka. You will not only find a great realtor in him but you will also discover an amazing human being. So what are you waiting for, pick the phone and call Raka.....................thank you for reading this review.............Jacob and Namrata Mazgaonkar

Rajan Shah

Raka and his team have been of amazing help to our family, extended family, and friends in all our real estate needs. He is able to gauge each one's requirements, detail the +ve and -ve of a property, arrive at a fair value, and negotiate for his client. His support after the deals are done is appreciable.
Extremely happy to recommend him 100%.

Richard Chen

Through my personal experience, I would say that Raka is very knowledgeable, he states facts and not BS, he gives practical advice, stays within your budget, and the best part is he treats your buying or your selling experience as his own, he gives the personal touch. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to have a good experience in buying or selling a property. Thanks, Raka!!

jeff martins

Raka has been our agent for the past eight years. He always provides us with excellent, honest, and professional service. He is very knowledgeable and always gives the best advice. He is definitely the best in the business!

Hardik Bhatt

I have known Raka Paul for many years and I have used his professional service multiple times. I am extremely satisfied with his level of knowledge, ability to perform multiple tasks with ease, and being able to provide good support throughout the transaction cycle. I have been recommending Raka Paul to family and friends.

Rana Srouji 

Professional,, knowledgeable, patient one of the best real estate agents out there. Not only has Raka been on many journeys with us he also became a family friend
Very highly recommended I have already referred him to friends and family who will all speak the same of him

ilval vasavada

Raka and Priyanka are very approachable and experts in the field. They are very supportive to understand the requirements and tailor the best for their client. Also, response time is fantastic and they have an all-around team as a one-stop for the full process. They go the extra mile to make a difference and do their best for their client. Thank you Rakapaulteam keep up the great work!

Manish Sabharwal

I have known Raka Paul since 2004 when I bought my first ever house in Canada. I have had selfless service from him all along. Raka and I have maintained a good professional and personal relationship; I fid not have to use the services of another realtor after knowing him. As of today I have dealings with and will continue to do so in this life in Canada

Vik Gandhi

I’ve known Raka for many years and have referred him to many friends. His attention to detail and his professionalism make him a pleasure to work with. He works hard for his clients and always thinks about what is best for them. He always goes above and beyond.

Sanjita A

I give Raka 5 Stars for being our agent. We have worked with him for the past 6 years and how patient he is and brings so much positivity. Very reliable and honest.

Loxley Francis

I work with Raka in 2015 and he got my house sold even through a tough situation. Raka got the job done and was very supportive.

Harsh Ahlawat

You have to deal with Raka to experience what makes him stand out among thousands of other realtors in the market. When it comes to buying or selling or if there is any question about Real Estate, Raka has always been my go-to guy and that's why I bought and then sold my Condo through him and will continue to do so once I am looking for something in the near future.I have known him for around 15 years now and he is personable, caring, hard-working, goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best real estate solution, and always has your best interest in mind. He is always reachable and professional. A great individual and wish him nothing but the best always and you have a client for life in me!


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